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A Lot Doing Today

Bad English? Maybe. But, you can’t say the title isn’t catchy.

Talked to some friends, looked up some options, a temporary place might come up in a few weeks as a possibility while I wait for a Condo to open.

Someone’s Failure might mean my move Forward now that Eviction Restrictions are being lifted.

Right now, there is practically Nothing available in my price range or even out of it, for that matter.

The thought crossed my mind of refunding the Hold money and saying Screw It. But, I would never make this much on my house, otherwise, I don’t think and there’s a reason it sold .or is selling…so fast.

I really believe Gods’ Got This and I have to keep patient and trust the process.

Can you share a time when you trusted God and he came through? I would love to hear others experiences.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

One thought on “A Lot Doing Today

  1. Let’s see, I’ve been healed several times. I was longing for a child, right after we got married, and so upset cuz I wasn’t pregnant. But when Ron finally decided we could, it only took 9 months before I was pregnant!! I was on top of the world!! when I was first in rehab, I called out to God to save me, and help me. He delivered me from alcohol, and I’ve been sober 29 years!! God is good all the time. Even when we can’t see. That’s when we have to walk by faith. Like I’m doing right now with the girls’ custody situation. Waiting is SO HARD!!


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