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What Would You Do?

I don’t usually blog on Sunday but I totally need your help. Here’s the situation:

I sold my mobile home for enough to purchase a small trailer to live in,with cash.


Trailer paid off. Only Space Rent. I could afford a car, soon. I could move it if I ever wanted to move. I wouldn’t have to worry about Property Tax, Homeowners Insurance, etc.. In the future, might be able to purchase land and/or go up to a bigger size.

Cons:. Super small or at least feels it. Might lose inside Washer & Dryer. Cats might lose a Cat Tree and would have to get creative with litter boxes.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

7 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

    1. What do you mean? With a smaller place, I lose room. I lose laundry access in my home. I lose space and need to get creative on where to put litter boxes.
      I know it sounds crazy, but space is important.


      1. totally understand about the litterboxes. I recently bought a second one because one of my cats is missing her target. I can’t put it in any other room other than the bathroom. Seriously considering putting it in the shower stall.


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