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Games #4

Once again I am participating in the Blogger Games where I answer multiple choice questions about Paul!

My answers will be in Bold

Thanks to Monty (@MontyVern on Twitter) for allowing me to use this image.


1. Which Toy Story movie did I like the least?
A) Toy Story
B) Toy Story 2
C) Toy Story 3

2. Which is my favourite TV Show theme song?
A) Family Matters
B) Friends
C) Saved By The Bell

3. The first CD I ever owned was of which genre?
A) Rock
B) Classical
C) Country

4. I have never been…
A) On TV
B) On The Radio
C) In The Newspaper

5. Which famous person once liked one of my tweets?
A) Howie Mandel
B) Mindy Kaling
C) Jason Segel

6. I have never seen this movie series…
A) Rocky
B) High School Musical
C) Harry Potter

7. Which show have I seen in-person?
A) Canadian Idol Tour
B) Disney On Ice
C) Disco Dogs

8. How many famous people have I met at an autograph signing?
A) 0
B) 6
C) 11

9. Which reality show do I think I’d be best at?
A) Survivor
B) Fear Factor
C) Big Brother

10. Which show did I not watch as a child?
A) The Brady Bunch
B) Leave It To Beaver
C) Murder, She Wrote

You Share: Tell me what you like/dislike about the entertainment industry. Any celebrity encounters? Have you ever been on TV? What was your first CD?

To Play: Answer these questions in a blog post of your own and link back to this post. You may put your answer in Bold or Italics and share your thought process behind each answer, if you want. If you haven’t participated in any of the first three weeks, you can still participate this week!

Good luck!

When I was 6, I was on a television show titled, ‘Juvenile Jury’. I even have a copy of one of the episodes I was on from Sony Studios.

As for Celebrity encounters, Clint Eastwood came to my work and I have a picture with him, and I believe Michael Phelps also visited. While on a cruise to Mexico, Mr. Whipple from the Charmin commercial was on the cruise. While I didn’t meet him due to seasickness; he gave me a card and a picture of his family with his real name and “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin!”. The last celebrity would be Donny Osmond, my childhood dream, who I met a few years ago after their show here in Vegas.. before it closed. Don’t ask me what I babbled about. I think I was in shock!