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Quick Post

Great News! My Credit is where it needs to be for the Pre-Approval Letter!

This move will happen Guys; and in the very near future, I think.

Thanks for the support.

And I thank God.

He knows where my FurBabies and I need to be.

Will keep you updated.

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Playing Game 2

Wow! For being new to The CaptainsSpeech.Wordpress; I did pretty good at answering Paul’s questions. I got a Gold Medal!These are questions about him! And now, we are at the Second Game. I will probably Bold my answers.

If you want to play, Check out his site:

Huge thanks to Monty (@MontyVern on Twitter) for creating this image for me! It shall act as the divider between last week and this week.


1. In Grade 6, I was the captain of which intramural team?
A) Floor Hockey
B) Basketball
C) Indoor Soccer

2. Which jersey number did I wear in my first year playing softball?
A) 8
B) 10
C) 13

3. Which piece of sporting equipment do I not currently have in my bedroom?
A) Football
B) Lacross Ball
C) Tennis Ball

4. Which sport have I never attended in-person?
A) Rugby
B) Soccer
C) Football

5. At the first baseball game I ever went to, what did I eat?
A) Pizza
B) McDonald’s
C) Hotdog

6. Which hockey team’s jacket did I not own as a child?
A) Colorado Avalanche
B) Toronto Maple Leafs
C) Detroit Red Wings

7. Which ball has never hit me in the face?
A) Soccer Ball
B) Basketball
C) Volleyball

8. In university, I participated in this intramural sport…
A) Ultimate Frisbee
B) Badminton
C) Dodgeball

9. I tore ligaments in my fingers playing this sport…
A) Volleyball
B) Basketball
C) Football

10. Which baseball player was on the cover of my favourite video game?
A) Derek Jeter
B) Albert Pujols
C) Manny Ramirez

YOU SHARE: Did you play any sports growing up? What did you like/dislike about gym class? Which sports do you like to watch/follow? Have you ever gotten hurt playing sports? Anything else about sports you’d like to share?

TO PLAY: Answer the questions in a blog post of your own. You don’t have to provide commentary with your answers. You may put your answers in bold or italics..

The last day to submit your answers is next Tuesday, August 10.

Good luck!

I do not like Sports and never have. Being short, I have been hit in the head with a Tetherball and Basketball. I do like playing Badminton, but, that isn’t really popular, here. Plus, I have never had the strength to really participate in most sports. I don’t mind Baseball/Softball so much when it comes to batting, but since I run slow, I need a Runner.