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Throwing Out Pictures, Etc..

As the title says, yesterday I went through my Photo Albums and threw out all the pictures of my first husband, his friends and family.  With the way things ended, I neither need nor want photo memories of that time.  I did keep a few pictures of my old house and some of our animals, though.  We had a really cool Tortoise named Zeus, and he was awesome! 

Had a really weird dream last night that is impossible to explain.  My mother was in it being seriously psycho, my sisters were in it, my friend from Texas was in it, in a way and my first boyfriend was in it.  They say dreams usually are reminders or based on your deepest thoughts, but, I couldn’t even begin to piece that, together.

Signed up for the Colors Exchange on Reddit. I hope I get someone who is into a fun color and fun to buy for. Matching is on the 18th! My Texas Friend is doing it, too and truthfully, I hope we don’t get matched because we like to share who and what we get for others.


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5 thoughts on “Throwing Out Pictures, Etc..

  1. I fully understand why you tossed those specific photos my friend. I did the same thing after divorce #3, I didn’t want any of that in my life going forward. Years worth of photography simply deleted… I had to do it.

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  2. Maybe your dream, was just finishing the process of geting rid of all the pix? My Mama made me do that when I got married. Except she kept 1. The best male friend I’d ever had, when we went to prom together. I was so stupid, I thought we were just bffs. Decades later she informs me he’d written her a letter all the reasons he’d make the perfect husband for me. Derp derp.
    After divorce I kept a lot, because of our children. Got rid of all the smushy, kissy face ones.
    Kept ALL from my Bobby who died. After divorce from present husband, I got rid of all romantic ones. Thankfully, didn’t get rid of all since we remarried! lol Sorry for the novel! ❤


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