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Saturday Sharing

Things I learned this week.

I answered a question on Reddit about what you believe happens when you die, and was accused of taking the easy way out with Paschal’s Wager.  I didn’t even know what that was!  I just answered with my belief.  And, No, I am not going to share the definition.  You get to look it up.

I also looked up the meaning of the word, ‘Dalliance’ so, you could say I learned that, too.

I also learned that I really don’t want to visit Disneyland much anymore because the Racism crap is getting ridiculous. They are redoing all the rides I grew up with and even took out the song ‘Zippity-Doo-Da’ due to being Racist and having roots from ‘Song-Of-The-South’.

I learned a lot of ways to kill a tree (Don’t Ask).

But, the main thing I learned this week is that Red Hot Candy gives me Migraines. I am pretty sure it’s the red dye because I have no problem with Cinnamon. Red Hots are one of my favorite candies, but after having Migraines for 4 days straight, I have no problem going back to missing out.

What did you all learn?


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7 thoughts on “Saturday Sharing

  1. I looked that Wager thing, whatever. God is real, there is no other! I had no idea the Disneyland was doing that crap, shame on them! It’s disgusting. I went there in 1968 when I was 8 years young, was there with the ex a few years ago but I’ll not return. It’s so disgusting.

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    1. The last time I went was 7 years ago. Right before moving here. It was 2 for 1 for Anaheim residents. It’s sad. I was raised on Disneyland. Now, The Jungle Cruise is changed, Snow White was to scary, that can’t say “Ladies and Gentlemen or Boys and Girls”.. it’s “Welcome All”.. I could go on..but,. why?

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      1. We remember the days before politically correct thinking spread like the disease it is. And the young ones drink it down like apple juice. For me, it’s the same thing as the global warming lie, I just won’t buy it. Walt Disney must be rolling in his grave…

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