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7 Vegas Years

As of yesterday, I have lived in Las Vegas, NV for 7 Years (-5 months in AZ which was a waste of time).

Despite the weather at times, I still love it! The lights, the activity, the people! Even if I didn’t gamble, it’s fun to check out everything in the different hotels and casino’s.

Las Vegas is ever changing so things I remember from visiting when young are long gone, replaced with different things.

Do you like where you live? If money were no object, would you move somewhere else? As much as I like it here, sometimes I wonder about Europe like Austria. The houses are so pretty there in their little villages; but, then I wonder if I would get bored like I did in Arizona, once again coming back here. I have also considered Florida, but, there is to much rain and the size of the bugs there would keep me inside.

Doing a lot better than yesterday, but still a bit tired, so taking it easy, again.


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10 thoughts on “7 Vegas Years

  1. I’m glad you feel better. I like Las Vegas enough to have stayed here after the D. The idea of more Michigan winters, salty roads, slush from the car in the garage and much more no longer sounded like a good idea in spite of not being able to ride snowmobiles. I made the right decision. As did you! 🌴🔥🌵


  2. I lived in North Vegas for about 6.5 months, years ago. I went to one casino show while I was there. I thought it was getting to hot by the time I left…then a couple years later I moved to Death Valley National Park. LoL


  3. I really like where I am living now, though my dream would be to travel a bit to see more than just my own back yard, though Dorothy did find out the hard way that our own back yard is a pretty special place..

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  4. I lived in Alaska 3 years, not of my choice, Navy husband. Beautiful place to visit- hated living there!! Love FL!! Hurricanes, roaches as big as plates, sandspurs, rain and all!! Never wanna leave here again!!


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