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Sinusy Me

It’s a Sinus Day. I see sleep in the near future.

I was kidding with a friend (Julestx51) because she was like this yesterday, and shared on WordPress. Thanks again. HA!

It’s Monsoon Season here and yesterday on the news, it said Nevada will be having another water shortage soon because the lake is so low; on the flip side, the weather said to expect Thunder Storms all week. Last I checked, most Thunder Storms bring rain, so can we say “Contradictory”?


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

5 thoughts on “Sinusy Me

  1. We need water! There was flooding in the Spring Mountains yesterday and most of the rain sems to have fallen north of the city. I hope it will make it to Lake Mead. My sinus’ have been worse here than in Michigan for some reason, maybe the dust. Pray for rain! Enjoy your nap.

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  2. And over here in NC, as I was driving to church yesterday morning, the weather spot on the radio kept saying the morning would be dry with the potential for afternoon storms. All the while it was raining, and yes, we also got the storms. We’ve also had rain off and on all day, if I could share and send some your way, I most definitely would.

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