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Eater Types & Question/Challenge

Hide and I went to lunch today and it was delicious!

We went to Vegenation where I had the Pamela Anderson Tacos and Hide had the Tori Williams Burrito! She had so much left, she sent half of it home with me, because her husband doesn’t like a lot of greens.

Everything the restaurant serves is Vegan.

Vegetarian means you eat all or mainly Vegetables. There are different types of Vegetarians of which I am Flexitarian as, once in a while, I will eat Chicken or Fish. Vegan, on the other hand, means you cannot eat any part of or anything that comes from an animal; which includes Cheese, Eggs, Milk and Butter. Going from Vegetarian to Vegan should not be a huge jump, but what do you use for Butter substitutes that taste even close?

I had a blogger friend comment that he would be a bad Vegan; so, here is my question and maybe Challenge…for all my meat loving friends.

Have you ever tried going Vegetarian or Vegan? What happened?

What’s the longest you’ve been without Meat?

And, if you haven’t tried it, would you consider trying it and making a blog post about your experience?


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

10 thoughts on “Eater Types & Question/Challenge

    1. Nasty? Why? It is just a simple idea. If they don’t like the Challenge, don’t do it. It’s kinda like asking a Vegetarian if they ever ate Meat before and what the results were.


  1. Before my husband died, our son decided he was vegetarian. Actually, he was doing that to try and get his dad to eat healthier. He did eat some things. We went seven months or so eating little to no meat. A little turkey, a little fish, no read meat. It wasn’t bad, I still prepare a few of the recipes but my son does eat meat, but is still careful in how much.

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  2. I was a vegetarian for a week. My younger sister had already been a vegetarian and eking toward vegan for almost a year. Middle sister kinda was vegetarian when she felt like eating more greens. We all lost any grip we had on it when my aunt made tiny meatballs for italian wedding soup. “Just one, they’re small, and I need to know if they’re good to go into the soup.” Suddenly, 3 girls were on her stair case with the entire bowl she had made and were stuffing their faces like it was going out of style. She didn’t care because it was OUR Italian wedding soup that she was making for us that we were eating. We didn’t know that, but my mom who hated having us not eat meat was thrilled. I think they planned it.

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      1. Mom and aunt. They *totally* did. My aunt had 4 daughters that went through all of this, and she broke them with little meat balls. And it worked with us. It was her magic talent when she was alive.

        I also remember once my sister got me to agree to not eat chocolate for two weeks. I almost made it and then we went to her house where she was miraculously baking chocolate chip cookies (although it had nothing to do with me), and they smelled SOOOO good. But I had one more day to get $20 ($10 from each sister since I’m a chocolate addict). One of my idiot cousins bit a cookie and said it was me! It REALLY wasn’t!

        My sister flipped out and wouldn’t believe me when I said it totally wasn’t me. My other sister got the brilliant idea to see if it was me. Sitting on the same steps that we stuffed ourselves with meatballs on, my sister made me bare my teeth and pressed the cookie to my teeth to see if the bite marks match, which she determined they weren’t. But that nearly killed me. I managed to say no, but then a fresh baked cookie that was still warm was being pressed to my teeth. It was evil. My aunt saw all of it and said that my sisters now owed me the $20 and my fibbing cousin did as well and there will be NO backing out. and then she told me to eat a cookie because it was evil that they put the chocolate on my teeth. My sisters and cousin guiltily agreed and my aunt had 8 cookies set aside just for me. I returned to those steps and broke another restriction. She was great at that!

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  3. I was “sorta” vegetarian when I was pregnant with my youngest son. After he was born, he was my only child to eat tofu. Later a few of my other children would try different stages of a veggie diet.

    Now I eat some chicken and fish..mainly cuz it’s convenient. If fact later today I might go get a chicken Alfredo pizza.

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  4. I was a vegetarian for a year when I was younger to lose weight. I had a hard time with protein since I do not like beans. I lost quite a bit but the doctor said I was very bad off nutritionally so I started eating meat again. I’ll eat vegan and vegetarian sometimes since I have friends that are but I like burgers way too much to try it again.

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  5. Maybe 8 hours?? Lol!! Loves my meats!! For 3 months, I went on the all protein diet. The first month is an orgy of meat!! Steak! Chicken!! BACON!!! 2nd month in, all I wanted was some steamed broccoli! Didn’t even last the whole 90 days. Yeah, I lost a little, but gqaained back double, probably!! So not doing any more diets!!

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