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More Accomplishments

Another box packed and my kitchen junk drawer is cleaned.  It’s amazing what was found in there.. including some old money my mom gave me that might be worth something.  So, I got hold of an appraisal type company to see what they will offer. 

The Mortgage Girl is looking at approving me for an amount which is way to high.  I would rather get a place I can afford and both my options will be gone soon, if she doesn’t make adjustments.

Anyway, it’s time to do dishes and go to bed.

Hope you all had a good day 😊.


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3 thoughts on “More Accomplishments

  1. Do not be steered into buying more house than you think you can afford, and make this VERY clear to your Realtor. I spent years as a Realtor with Century 21, and I can tell you, they will show you houses at the top of your pre-approval rate, that way when you see a house priced where you WANT to spend, you will be disappointed and go back to the more expensive house. Do not do it. Just do not. If your Realtor continues to do this, fire them.


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