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Blaming The Heat?

I almost forgot to Post tonight. Maybe the heat is getting to me. Lol. In truth, though, it is 111 F right now at 10 p.m. You won’t hear me complain about it much, though because that is one of the reasons I moved to Las Vegas in the first place!

Here’s a quick, music question for you:

Name a song that you were hearing/singing the wrong lyrics until someone corrected you.

Please don’t say ‘Blinded By The Light’s unless it’s the only one you can remember.

Mine is titled; ‘Oxygen’. The actual lyrics are, “Love is like Oxygen, You get to much, you get to high…’. For years, I thought it said, “Love is like Hotsy Plunge..”. I was like what the heck is a Hotsy Plunge?

Looking forward to hearing your misheard lyrics in the comments.

* I would also love to hear your definitions of a Hotsy Plunge. HA


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

7 thoughts on “Blaming The Heat?

  1. “Here we are now, in containers””. From Nirvana’s Teen Spirit. The correct lyric was“Here we are now, entertain us” I am guessing my lyrics are more fitting since Kurt offed himself after the album went platinum.


  2. I actually understood the lyrics to blinded by the light. Tenth Avenue Freeze out took me a minute though LOL Actually, Bruce is probably perfect for this becasue there are SO many lines that sound like he is just mumbling.

    Another one is Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Flash. Thank G-d for that movie!

    There are so many songs that I am adamant I know the lyrics but they don’t make any sense. I’m trying to remember the most recent one….it was “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. I thought they said “Dreams of War, Dreams of fire, Dreams of Dragon’s liar and of things that apple pie.” I knew this made no sense…but I was sure I was right. Didn’t care what the internet said, it didn’t sound like that. Saw them in concert and it turned out the lyric pages were all correct. “Dreams of war, dreams of liars, dreams of dragon’s fire and of things that will bite.” Sadly a song I’ve loved FOREVER and just didn’t know I was wrong 🤦‍♀️

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