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A Day In The Life

*For some reason, I am not sure this one actually posted. If it did, you get to read it again.

I thought it would be fun to share a normal day of our lives; so, we can see how we all live. Please share your day with me in the comments.

I’ll Start:

Being on Disability, my days are not always the same and there is no real schedule.

I wake up, feed the cats and make my coffee. While sipping coffee, I read my Bible verse of the day (per Weather Bible), then my favorite comics (Pushnami), then catch up on blogs. After that, it’s Breakfast and getting dressed.

The rest of the day goes by how I am feeling and what I feel like doing. I usually call Cin to see if she wants to get together… like today, we might go to Camping World to look at RV’s. I try to fit a little bit of cleaning or organizing into most of my days especially now that I am planning to move but I still wind up playing to many games on my phone. Depending on weather, I will also get my walking in by going to the mailboxes and taking the long way back….Yeah, I almost said “Long Way Home” so, now the song is stuck in my head…You’re Welcome!

While eating, I like to watch food shows like My 600 lb Life and Sorted.

Every night, I take out the trash and recycle before bed and I usually watch my True Crime Shows.