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Outside Is Finished

Finally!  My place has been painted!  Here are some Before and After photos:

Now, it makes my neighbors places look like crap. Lol.

I have started cleaning the inside, as well, and will take pictures of that soon.  I was looking for a cleaner that is safe around animals and works..I must tell you that Dawn Dish Soap is amazing!

Who knew it could work as well on grease as it does on baby ducks?


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8 thoughts on “Outside Is Finished

      1. I get that. We once had an HOA that approved only about 5 “earth tone” colors. We do not live in an HOA anymore. Not because we like Bahama Pink or Caribbean Lime (our house is brick), but because we do not like someone else telling us what to do with our house.


  1. It looks much better and looks gray to me too. I have the same colour issue here in the HOA, had the house repainted recently but just plain white. No need to bother with the HOA!


  2. Nice and neat! I expected purple haha but no one would buy a purple house. Gray is a neutral tone. Buyer will not mind it and if they do, they can always repaint it.


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