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EBay Feedback Feud

, Some of these Sellers on some of these sites are seriously ridiculous!

I ordered a figure that looked nothing like the picture of the actual my opinion. I contacted the Seller who gave me the 3rd degree and took an attitude. So, I left him a polite yet negative review. The Seller then messages me that my negative review caused eBay to ban him from selling anymore… and I felt guilty for ruining his business. I even offered to revise my review to help him out. However, after talking to Cin about it, I contacted eBay Customer Service. It turns out not only is the seller Not banned, but, they Don’t ban sellers for negative reviews. Which means, The Seller is a Liar! I Do Not Like Liars! Needless to say, upon receiving his request for my revision, I declined. He then proceeded to message and ask me why. I responded by telling him what Customer Service told me and that I will Not be guilt tripped into deleting an honest review, as well as ending with “Please don’t message me, anymore!”.

People who run businesses need to stop getting butt hurt just because a customer isn’t happy. Maybe just make it right and keep a good attitude.

By the way, this was his 2nd negative review in the last 6 months, so he has a decent track record.. unless others have fallen for his guilt trips.

Thank you all for your prayers. Cin is home from the hospital. No surgery was necessary.


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11 thoughts on “EBay Feedback Feud

  1. I don’t think I have ever bought things on EBay, or etsy but I have heard stories that sellers got very annoyed and even sent bullying messages to customers who gave bad reviews. Um that’s what reviews are for.

    Some guy on FB on one of the local Milford pages threatened people for slander or libel if they continued. Well guess what? When people give recommendations that’s what it is for. to tell peole not to give negative feedback is foolish.

    As for FB on a whole….I get tired of the smart ass answers to people’s questions or the random stupid hijacking that occurs and it gets frustrating.


  2. EBay is still around? I figured Amazon would have crushed them by now. I stopped with EBay when they required a PayPal be set up. But in response your post, the internet has allowed sellers to be ghosts. Before, you took the item back to the store, got a refund, and the business hopefully learned from their mistake and took corrective action. It was all done face-to-face. Not anymore. It is all about praying their customer service answers the phone. Praying the representative finished enough school to understand the complaint. Praying they have a protocol to correct the mistake, and then….and this is the big one…actually correcting the mistake. If not, all you have as a weapon is a review, and then they get mad when you use it.

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