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My New Friend

Before I share this, I want you to know, I watched an interesting movie yesterday which I will be reviewing tomorrow, probably.

Also, my house/mobile home is half painted. Not sure I care for the color, but it’s approved by the park, it will look cleaner and I should be able to sell this place which is what really matters and the main reasons I did this.

And now, I would like to introduce you to:

Jason Voorhees! Friday-The-13th

He is here and he is going to be my bodyguard and house security. That’s his job.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

5 thoughts on “My New Friend

      1. Oh, my goodness!! I can not watch horror films- too realistic nightmare!! My PP, 8, was looking at one of my aunt’s paintings, and said , “That’s realistic.” But what I heard was, “That’s real lipstick!!” lol Took me 3 reps before I realized what she said! Her vocab blows me away sometimes!! She’s a reader, just like her mommy!!

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