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Weather Drop

Mother Nature is off her meds again!  A cold wind hit last night and the weather dropped like 10+ degree’s.  I didn’t even go anywhere, today.  Just watched the wind, turned on the heater and drank lots of coffee.  Sudden weather changes can be very annoying for Migraine sufferers like me. 

Had a conversations with my BFF.   She is excited for Arbitrary Day next month on Reddit Secret Santa.  It’s a lot like the big exchange in November except less people participate so they put more effort…well, most do… into the gift giving.  Since my BFF is completely obsessed, she is really hoping to get stuff  Brendan Fraser related.  Which reminds me, I wrote the other day to his PR Department to see if I can get her an autographed picture of him to add with a Christmas thing I am putting together for her.  It’s never to early to start planning.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

2 thoughts on “Weather Drop

  1. We have been having great weather this week. I am not sure but I thought we were gong to have a thunderstorm. I haven’t had to put the heat back on in days.

    I have been reading a bunch of clickbait stuff on why we haven’t seen much of Brendan Frasier lately. Its hurtful and these so called magazines annoy the shit out of me.


  2. The weather is being stupid! It was in the 90s the other day, now the AC is off and I’m in sweat pants and a light jacket inside this morning! Just get hot already…


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