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Missed Yesterday

Hey Guys,

Sorry I missed, yesterday. May as well be honest and say I forgot until it was to late. I didn’t forget thinking of you; just the writing part.

Still debating on which way to go when I sell this place.. Another mobile home or a Travel Trailer. Either way, I need cheap to no space rent.

The wind is back in force which doesn’t help my sinuses or Migraines especially when I have to walk to the mailboxes.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

6 thoughts on “Missed Yesterday

  1. It was so calm yesterday, now I’m getting wind advisories on the phone. Some folks purchase a small motorhome, live in it, and use a road address like UPS and similar companies offer.

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  2. Hard decisions. I read Calm Kate’s blog ( Australia) and she bought a tiny home on wheels last year but now she found a tiny cottage. Now she is trying to sell it as parking cost alot. Hope to share this and consider all costs.

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  3. Wouldn’t a travel trailer be small as well? Down here RV spaces typically run $450, includes electric, sewer and water. Good deal! Since regular lot rents are $100 more- or even more!! $550 is turning into a rare find anymore. What happened?


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