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Prime Painting Day & Cat Boxes

Most of the Primer got put on, today!

As you can tell, the house is already looking better. He will be back on Sunday to start and hopefully finish painting.

Been Following a few other Bloggers and discussing cat litter boxes and enclosures so am including a picture of my litter box holder which I will need to replace eventually.


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8 thoughts on “Prime Painting Day & Cat Boxes

  1. Your post had me thinking about a new cat potty station. I had a look on the web, there are many solutions available from stupid costly, to budget-friendly. I had cats many years ago, and miss them slithering under the sheets to sleep!


      1. Awww, I offer a virtual hug. It hurts, I still feel sadness for the loss of my Standard Poodle when I was around 10 years young. ❤️


  2. I searched for some reviews of the robotic litterboxes and I am not spending the kind of money they are asking for to have it die a week after I get it.


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