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Why I Detest The Color, Pink!

A few days ago, I posted about my favorite color which is Purple 💜 and the fact that I Hate & Detest the color Pink!  Seriously, I refuse to even own anything with Pink unless it’s a cat toy they chew up.  Food is okay because it doesn’t stick around.

  Anyway, I am now going to tell you all why I feel this way:

  My Grandmother was a very mean and selfish woman.  I seriously have no good memories of her.  I visited and stayed in her apartment once.  Her favorite color was Pink.  From the carpet to the walls to the couldn’t get away from it.  It looked like a Pepto-Bismal explosion.  She also had 4-6 locks on the door including a hook to hold the doorknob.  I was terrified if there were a fire I would have to jump out the window and land on the cement, below! I firmly believe that has a lot to do with my hatred of the color.

Of course, I was never in to frilly, lacy, crap either and the color being discussed fits right in with that.

Do you have a color you hate? Any particular reason why?


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6 thoughts on “Why I Detest The Color, Pink!

  1. Honestly, I love pink. A fun and gentle colour. Sweet bubble gum and more, I’d wear a pink shirt since to me it’s not strictly a female colour. we are all so different yet God loves us deeply. 🙏🏻

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  2. I do have unpleasant thoughts about my own grandmother…I don’tlike the neon colors that i see around here. They can be blinding.

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  3. I hate green, in any hue or shade. Haven’t quite figured out why.
    She had a hook FOR the doorknob? Please explain, having a hard time picturing it. Sorry you had a mean grandmother. 😦 No wonder you hate pink!!
    All the hooks, and locks made you afraid you’d never be able to unlock in time?

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    1. The hook was this long handled like broom handle and the hook part went around the doorknob so it couldn’t be turned.
      Yes, I was an extremely fearful child anyway, so the thought of a fire and being unable to get out except jumping out the window to the pavement below, haunted me.

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