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Painting Progress

The house was started today. Praying it’s not windy tomorrow or can’t paint. This is today’s end.

That is the house with the old paint scraped off and pressure washed.

Migraines come and go. Was fine this morning but the day was loud and am now stressing over money.

Have a great Sunday!


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12 thoughts on “Painting Progress

  1. I hope the paint will go well, you have a good roof, I don’t see many roofs like that here. They are the standard up north. Do you respond to any comments?


  2. Venus, good progress for just the beginning!!! I so wish you could find a good treatment or cure!! for your migraines!! Have you ever investigated Botox? Seems like I heard something about that one time. ā¤


      1. Hey, it it works…. That was the best surgery in the world to me!! 6 week recovery time is a long time, but what if it works? A lifetime free of pain!!


      2. I had a prolapsed uterus, from having 2 such huge babies. But the relief from that issue, and no more periods was WELL worth the pain, and recovery time!


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