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Purple Prompt or Promptly Purple

Peckapaloosa… sorry if spelled wrong.. over at Confusing has given a prompt I can totally get behind! But should seriously check out his blog. It’s great!

Okay, his word for the week is ‘Purple’!

Coming from a girl who’s favorite color is Purple, what can’t I say? I love Purple especially with the blue base. My inside walls are Purple, my hair is Purple and I dress in Purple most every day. My pots and pans are Purple and so are most of my sheets and towels. I even paint most of my furniture Purple.

Purple is a royal color and one that pops!

My first husband was blah and we had to decorate like everyone else in blacks, whites and browns. I got into color after my Divorce and have never been the same since.

My favorite shade of Purple is the really dark, yet, bright..if you know what I mean.. like a neon, dark Purple.

Thanks so much for this Prompt. This was definitely a fun one.


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One thought on “Purple Prompt or Promptly Purple

  1. My favorite shade is more red based. I loved having my 2 bathrooms painted purple! This last one was a touch too lavender for me, but as it was bought as a present, I dared not squawk! Now I’m renting, so beige. Blah!! Soon, after DD1 and I get our new trailer, on our own land- watch me go slap happy with the paintbrush!! Can’t wait! I have lots of purple shirts, but sparse in the purple pants dept. Need to work on that!!

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