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Question & Friends Good News.

My BFF finally received the last part of her Birthday gift, yesterday. The first idea never showed up so I ordered something else and it still came late. But, it finally arrived and she loves it. It’s an Achmed t-shirt from Jeff Dunham, ‘Minding The Monsters’. She didn’t remember telling me to get shirts a size smaller so she can use it for weight loss motivation. Another friend got a new job! I am extremely happy for both of them. I live vicariously through my friends.

Onto The Question:

If you could know how you were going to die or when.. Would you want to? My answer is No! If I knew I was going to get shot by a gun, I would freak out every time I saw someone carry one. And, if I knew the exact day, I would be a basket case, the day before.

As Christians, we look forward to meeting Jesus, but are we really ready to go any time? I mean, Yes, I want to meet Jesus, yet, I also want to stick around longer.. watch my cats grow up, maybe meet someone and marry again, go back to teaching the church children, move into a better place, etc…

My Bible Study Group all agreed they do Not want to know the date or even how. What about you?


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