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Question & Friends Good News.

My BFF finally received the last part of her Birthday gift, yesterday. The first idea never showed up so I ordered something else and it still came late. But, it finally arrived and she loves it. It’s an Achmed t-shirt from Jeff Dunham, ‘Minding The Monsters’. She didn’t remember telling me to get shirts a size smaller so she can use it for weight loss motivation. Another friend got a new job! I am extremely happy for both of them. I live vicariously through my friends.

Onto The Question:

If you could know how you were going to die or when.. Would you want to? My answer is No! If I knew I was going to get shot by a gun, I would freak out every time I saw someone carry one. And, if I knew the exact day, I would be a basket case, the day before.

As Christians, we look forward to meeting Jesus, but are we really ready to go any time? I mean, Yes, I want to meet Jesus, yet, I also want to stick around longer.. watch my cats grow up, maybe meet someone and marry again, go back to teaching the church children, move into a better place, etc…

My Bible Study Group all agreed they do Not want to know the date or even how. What about you?

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People Are Weird

It’s not midnight yet, so it’s technically still Monday and I just recovered from a Migraine from Hell with extreme nausea. Had to wait for two hours before taking Imatrex because my groceries were being delivered via Amazon..


Yesterday, I received a wrong # text of an interesting joke with a big woman dancing and a young girl running to her, crashing into her rear end, then bouncing away…made me think of my blogging buddy Garfield. That sense of humor fits right in….. along with, “Happy Mother’s Day, Titi.” I typed back “Cute..but, you have the wrong number.”.

Later, I get a call from a Landscaping company I have never heard of so I messaged “Can’t talk, text me.”. Now, it gets weird.

The text starts with “Hi”. I’m like “Who is this?”. he gives me a first name so we text for a bit. Then, he asks to call, I’m like “Go a head.”….. I mean he already knows my number.. .. So we chat. He tells me about him and I tell him about me but….his English is very broken and he is evasive to the point of lying on how he got my number. First, “From a friend.”. when I ask who, he says, “Doesn’t matter.”. Then says a different person gave it to his said friend without a name, saying he should call because I might be single…

Seriously, What? Like what bathroom wall is my name on? Lol….. Anyway, he asks for my picture and I am like, “You called me. You send me yours.”. And he kept saying, “You first.” We went round and round until it wasn’t funny anymore. He refused to send his picture and kept saying, “We meet?” and I’m saying “NO!”.

After ending the call, I played Detective….I am really good at it, by the way…Turns out, the guy owns the Landscaping business he called from, there are No pictures of him on the internet since 2014 and only one from then….. He wasn’t cute then so I can imagine what he looks like now. Plus, he told me he has lived here in the US for 20 years, but is still not a legal citizen!..from Mexico…..

It would never work for a few reasons;

The language barrier
The citizenship issue
and the fact that he is evasive and lying on how he got my number!

I finally got tired of playing games and blocked his number.

But, the whole situation definitely kept yesterday, eventful!… Lol