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A-Z Challenge-X = Xmas

This might be short and to the point, but … The term is Christmas not Xmas.

Xmas is a slang term for those who don’t believe, don’t care, and/or are to lazy to write or say the entire word. I haven’t heard of a slang term for Easter, although, Thanksgiving can be “Turkey Day”. There’s a reason we say ‘Keep Christ in Christmas’. It isn’t all the religious meaning. It’s also the fact we hate the term ‘Xmas’ so, please stop!

*Had COVID #2 vaccine last Monday… Moderna.. and finally feeling better. Although, worn out now after my walk. It was more of a flu this time with chills. Got lots of sleep and drank a lot of fluids, plus, might take a nap,now.

Tomorrow is Y and I am going to teach you all how to play a Christmas game! You might know it. Some people hate it, while others, like me, think it’s fun.

Stay Tuned


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7 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge-X = Xmas

  1. I’m glad that you are feeling better! Like a flu vaccine, it takes time.

    I also detest the Xmas spelling. I find it extremely insulting to the Lord. Easter Eggs and that stupid Easter Bunny thing are on par with Xmas. As children, we never viewed this in that way.

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  2. I actually have less of a problem with Xmas than I did growing up. I never took Greek when I was in seminary, but I did have a New Testament professor explain that the origin of Xmas as an abbreviation came not from a desire to remove Christ from Christmas, but because it’s a true abbreviation. X, in Greek, is the letter Chi, which is the first letter of Christos, the Greek word that Christ is derived from. Sure, he could have been blowing smoke and putting a pretty face on a secular practice, but the explanation made sense and gave me a new perspective.

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