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A-Z Challenge-Q = Quest

Have I mentioned lately that I have super, smart, Followers? Well, my favorite, recovering slob nailed it, this time. If you haven’t checked out her site, you should

, I believe. She can correct me in the comments, if I’m wrong.

Anyway, onto our Christmas Quest:

Have you ever been on the Quest to find the perfect gift? Maybe, you want to get something unique, that noone including the recipient would think of, or maybe it’s something specific they asked for.

When I was young, I believe it was the Cabbage Patch Doll. My parents had to go to store after store discovering they were sold out before finally finding one. This was before the internet and cell phones… when people simply waited in lines at stores hoping the popular toy was in stock.

Or, even going to the mall with friends at Christmas time was a Quest. You had your list of people and possible ideas, but there was a time frame and budget to get it all done.

And tomorrow is R. It might be a little advice to help you out. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not Rudolph! Lol


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5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge-Q = Quest

  1. i remember a dear friend of mine gave me a cabbage patch doll. He asked me before he gave it to me what would I do if I got a cabbage patch doll. I said please don’t-I don’t want one. The guy went and did it anyway. needless to say I was not gracious about it.

    Several years later my teenage niece was in hte hospital and feeling blue so I brought it to her. I mentioned it later to the guy and he got annoyed. I looked at him and I said I can do what ever I want with it. I also reminded him that when he asked I specifically asked him not to do it.


    1. I like the fact that you gave it to someone who likes it. However, I would Not have told the guy what I did with it. Did he ask you? You’re right, you did have the right to do what you wished and he should not have given it to you after you answered No.


      1. You’re Right. I probably shouldn’t have told him but I explained that my niece was in the hospital and wanted to cheer her up. He did ask actually.

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