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A-Z Challenge-C=Cookies, Cartoons & Clothing

My mother used to make Christmas Cookies to share with the hospital staff..I was in the hospital for check-ups a lot due to my disease..and teachers. She made Butter Balls, Bourbon Balls and more! The Bourbon Balls were deliciously strong and you always had to gargle before driving and carry extra in case a policeman pulled you over. I also love Gingerbread Men..Hey, when you get annoyed just bite it’s head off, and Maple Leaves.

So many cartoons were on during Christmas time! Santa Clause Is Coming To Town, Frosty The Snowman, Rudolph, and one of my favorites..A Charlie Brown Christmas. …No, I am not getting into the controversy…But, I love the idea of the sad little tree that needed love, the Christmas play with Lucy wanting to be the Christmas Queen and Linus explaining the true meaning of Christmas. What’s your favorite Christmas cartoon?

As for clothing, I love to have reason to dress up. So many clothes are themed now with reindeer, snowmen, Santa, elves and even cats singing carols; and if you don’t like dressing up with themes, the colors of the season are fun, too.

While I know this is my month to share about Christmas…Never mind Christmas in July…Tomorrow is Easter and I hope you all have a good one, however you choose to celebrate.


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2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge-C=Cookies, Cartoons & Clothing

  1. I bake a lot of cookies and give them to my neighbors. Pecan Sandies are a favorite. My favorite cartoon (claymation) is Rudolph which came out in 1965, the year I was born. I literally grew up with it. My favorite Christmas sweater is 2 Penguins. It is like rolling the dice if I get to wear it at Christmas here in Florida. 2020 was chilly and I actually got to wear it. 😊

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  2. He is risen! He is risen indeed!
    I love making Christmas shirts, for the girls!! And LOVE eating sugar cookies! They enjoy making a mess, I mean trying to help make them!! Charlie Brown Christmas is a fave of mine too!!

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