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Online Clothing

If you’re like me, you don’t like buying clothing in stores and never have..even before this pandemic and quarantine business. The fitting rooms in stores are small and dirty most of the time plus the lighting is nowhere near the same as your house. But, you still want clothing that fits well and is fashionable and stylish to you.

I enjoy online shopping and I like unique clothing. I was never the trendy type. My mom taught me that by Always buying from the clearance rack..but that’s another story. Some day I will tell you about the Ditto jeans fiasco…


I found a shopping site, I had never heard of before and they have some cute clothing. It’s called and it is a small company that just started up. Supposedly, the owners started it in the U.S. but the clothing is actually being made in Hong Kong and maybe China…That’s another thing, why is all the totally, cute stuff made in China? It makes buying mainly American brands, quite boring….Anyway, I did some research and contacted the company before taking the risk. I also used PayPal so as to pay safely. The problem is, you cannot find this company via Google or Yahoo and since it is so new, there is not enough interest for any actual ratings, yet. I will let you know if and when I receive my orders. I just pray this company is legit.

Since this post is about online clothing; what sites do you recommend? Especially from my female Followers. I love Vintage and unique, type fashion; but anywhere you suggest would be cool to check out.


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6 thoughts on “Online Clothing

  1. It’s a big shame that Americans are put out of work so that so many things here are from China. I blame the unions in part for this. I usually just go to Kohl’s or Target for one or two small items but have also purchased a few clothing items from Amazon.

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  2. Buying clothing online is convenient, but it’s always a gamble for me. Since companies each have their own versions of what a “medium” is, I end up having to send things back. Amazon has its “Amazon Wardrobe” but I haven’t tried it. I’m sure there’s a fee. Who knows…may be worth it.

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  3. I started buying my Tshirts from a Comp. that I think is called all American? Let me go find it real quick. I love buying American whenever possible. Yay!! I remembered!
    I hate passionately!! clothes shopping!! My Aunt used to work at Catherine’s. She would call and say I have so and so for you, it’s $ whatever. It always fit! And I liked it!! It was usually from clearance, and after her disc, I could actually afford it!! I was so SAD when she quit!!


  4. I don’t like clothes shopping at all! but I have done it. Luckily right now though don’t need anything yet but I have in the past used (its like, of also used Jessica site.

    I am not sure if they have vintage clothing but it is usually for those plus sized women.


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