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COVID Vaccine-Pro Or Con

Before you answer, let me explain my day and why I am asking;

Had a Migraine and right before I went to sleep, my sister called. We got on the subject. And, she seriously freaked out on me. She is Anti Covid Vaccine for herself and I guess for others also. She believes it’s the Mark-Of-The-Beast plus she believes all she reads of people dying from it…… Needless to say, her freak out caused my Migraine to become a double whammy needing two Imatrex…or a whole pill to go away.

I don’t want this topic to become a debate but I would like to know if you personally are getting the vaccine and why or why not? Also, if you have the choice which one are you choosing?


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5 thoughts on “COVID Vaccine-Pro Or Con

  1. I have gotten both the shot (as you probably already know) and it was sinopharm. We weren’t given the option to choose because this was the only option. nothing else was available.
    It’s crazy a lot of people are still anti-vaccine and I heard that too there are rumors like people are dying from it but that definitely can’t be true.

    don’t try to convince people it will only give you a headache, been there done that…


  2. I got the first one last week and it was Maderna. I wasn’t given a choice but it was the one htey had been given for that day. So on April 7, second dose will be Maderna. i would have loved to have had the J&J one and done but that wasn’t the case.
    I am not anti vaccine but i was nervous of the unknown but because I have Lupus and my sister and brother in law have compromised immune systems and anyone I might come in contact with I was not not going to get it.


  3. I am not. This vaccine is not like any other and there hasn’t been enough time to truly study its effects– especially long term. I’ve heard little snippets about it changing a person’s DNA, RNA, and if you are more susceptible to diabetes, it can exacerbate the disease… I don’t know about that, specifically. I don’t believe it’s the Mark of the Beast, but it certainly could be in preparation for such.


  4. My son has chosen to not receive the vaccine which is strictly his decision, I have to respect that, he’s not a little boy. I wish he would though. I am still waiting for the county to get to us 60 YO folks, they are at 65+ at the moment. My father is 92, he’s had both shots and is fine.


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