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Being Grateful..Wants & Needs

I think we all tend to want what we don’t have but only God knows if it will really make our lives better.

Last year when things were really bad financially, I sold my Washer & Dryer. Doing laundry in the sink was terrible, as clothes do not come out completely clean and wringing them out was next to impossible so they would take a day or so to dry and although they might smell clean; it wasn’t the same type clean and was still extremely staticky. Fast forward, I have sold my car and used some of the money for a Washer & Dryer. While, I think I overpaid in the end, I am very excited and am washing almost all my laundry, today. At least all the dirty and questionable stuff.

I am sure a lot of you grew up with Washers & Dryers, Dishwashers, Running Water & Electricity…but, what of those who didn’t or don’t have them? I was watching a video about people who live in the Slums of India with only a well for water and a restroom they have to share with neighbors or go into a dirty stream. Some people have really done up their Slums cute as, they do have kitchens and some have television sets but most sleep on the floor and beg for food; most children don’t have shoes and their playground is the dump. Could you live like that?

When I start to get depressed or ungrateful, I tend to watch those types of shows to remind myself of how blessed I am

Even when I had a water leak and had to go outside to turn the water off & on before and after each restroom trip during the Winter last year, I was still blessed, as it was temporary.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

3 thoughts on “Being Grateful..Wants & Needs

  1. We never had a d/w growing up. It was always us kids! lol When I was in college, didn’t have money for laundry, I washed in the bathtub- horrible! Jeans and sheets?? I tried! Then I figured out, I could offer to wash guy’s laundry, and make sure I included enough money to wash mine! Worked out great! For them, and me!!
    Those kinds of things wrench my heart!!
    American well water usually taste best to me, unless it has iron. I can’t even begin to imagine how their’s tastes.

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  2. Fantastic post and have followed you. My blog is about finding the positives in seeming negatives. I think a lot of my generation (especially the ones who have not had to go through hardship) could learn a thing or from this. I’m a disabled, isolated and very marginalised British resident, living alone, currently sat in an unfurnished council flat with no washer never mind any other fancy luxuries. I don’t work at the moment so I have to watch every penny I spend. I have to wash my clothes in a bath and this is with health conditions and I can’t tell you how painful, time consuming and inconvenient it is. When I was living with problematic family we never had all these luxuries like dishwasher, smart technology and all the other stuff most households in England have today. I don’t even have a license never mind a car and yet I am struggling still to survive. The only way I’m managing is benefits and skipping certain meals and items to get by. You’re right there are people in other countries who have nothing and yet if you notice they never complain so really they’re the rich ones. The media too often portrays Indians, Africans and other documents ethnic minorities as dirty, poor, failed etc but the truth is those in the so called slums have more class, gratitude, heart fulness and many other good traits than most white English folk.

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