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Miscellaneous Week Wrap Up

My washer/dryer arrived today but since nothing is simple, I can’t use it until Monday.  Apparently, it is a 220 volt and my last one was 110 so the electrician will be back to wire it.  Unfortunately, my handyman is charging me more for pick-up then the store would have done for the delivery.  Oh well.

Susy likes it, already.

The other night I had a dream that a friend of mine got married and didn’t tell me.  When I awoke, I called him.  Turns out he is gett

ing married and I will be invited.  Koontzfan made an interesting comment today that she finds it funny that I love to watch shows about food and dieting, etc.. when I have never been overweight But, I just like the knowledge as well as watching some of the food challenges like Chopped.

I was watching a show on YouTube today where Brits and Americans in the U.S.A switched diets and some of the Brits ate PB & Jelly Sandwiches for the first time. One girl was funny. She said it’s like Hell. If you went to Hell, they would serve it every day.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

5 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Week Wrap Up

  1. What a dream and intuition, wow. It’s a weird universe. The UK and other countries over there seem to all use 220VAC, while us and Canada use 120VAC. I hope you aren’t charged too much to run a 220 line to your laundry area.

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  2. The machine looks great. I have a Kenmore Laundry center (hand to….)that’s what it says…I was thinking about when and if I had to get one how much would it be and they are expensive. At least your kitty can enjoy new heights. I hope my cats never get the idea to jump up on mine. They already go behind it sometimes but they are not near the vent.

    Dreams are amazing aren’t they?

    I enjoy watching the baking shows…some of the competition ones not so much. Well Maybe one the great British one. The diet ones not so much for me it hits home

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  3. That is wild!! I know you’re glad you called him! Boo to the handyman for charging more delivery. Glad it will be working soon!
    PB&Js are not that good! I halfway agree with that girl!


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