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Vitamins. Yes Or No

Koontzfan (my BFF) and I were discussing Vitamins, yesterday.

She has bought a bunch of different Vitamins and starting her own regimen. Upon researching what she has put together, I am a bit concerned about side effects for her. I then, made some changes to my Vitamins. I found a Vitamin called Migralief which has excellent reviews as a Migraine Preventer or at least lessons the frequency. However, it contains Magnesium. So, as not to get to much Magnesium, I also had to get a different Calcium supplement. I am going to put aside a few of the Vitamins I am taking now and exchange for the new ones, to see if they work.

My questions are:

Do you take Vitamins of your own choice or only on doctor’s orders? Do you take Vitamins at all or do you feel you get what you need from food and life?

In the olden days, people didn’t need Vitamins; but now with smog, chemicals, etc…I think we do.

I try not to put to many chemicals in my body and to eat healthy, but I believe Vitamins give me that added boost.




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5 thoughts on “Vitamins. Yes Or No

  1. Both. When I was working out at the gym they said I needed vitamin supplements so I was taking them (still am), and the doctor wanted me to have a Vitamin D and multi vitamin. 🙂


  2. Yes, my Dr keep prescribing me Vit. D, cuz I am chronically low. And yes, I take others on my own. Calcium, B12, C, and zinc. I know it’s a mineral- lol
    Oh yeah, our diets are way too deficient of needed nutrients!!


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