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Gifting Obsessed

I admit it. I am Obsessed. I love getting gifts for people. I have so much fun finding the perfect gift for a Birthday or Holiday. One that reflects me yet, helps the recipient to have a wonderful celebration!

My friend Bri and I used to always try to top each other with weird least until a few years ago. However, I have done it now! He is turning 60 and I am sending him a Potato Parcel. Yep, it’s exactly as it sounds..a funny box containing a potato with a message on it. I also added a plush potato since I am sure the real one will rot eventually.

Anyway, I keep lists of friends likes and dislikes as well as lists of what I’ve given the year before so as not to give duplicates. I would probably make a good personal shopper via internet for those that don’t have time. But, I would need to figure out how the payment aspect would work..or I suppose I could simply make recommendations.

I used to put boxes together for victims of fires, floods, etc..I would mail them to the city that was damaged and then started asking for acknowledgments of where they were received. I remember the first box I mailed contained a skirt and a flower pot. My mother thought I was being ridiculous..but you don’t know what people miss when they have lost Everything! Anyway, after 9/11 hit, I couldn’t mail my boxes without a specific name or address.

I did help a few locals after nearby fires but I had to sneak so the Red Cross didn’t see me. Now with COVID, that’s not possible. That was another possible at home idea, but of course, that’s charity and no way to make money.

I recolored my hair today and I love it!


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9 thoughts on “Gifting Obsessed

      1. I had to think about this for a bit. First you would do research and some prep work like questionnaire sheets of what people are looking for, their budget, type of item, etc, make a website, stuff like that. You could start small with a couple hundred dollars for gifts and maybe friends/family to get started as your first customers who could also write testimonials. You could get the order ready and submitted, shipping directly to them and then send them a copy of the receipt, plus your fee, whether it’s percent or set amount and then give them a predetermined amount of time to pay you…like 4-6 hours. If they don’t pay, you cancel the order. If they pay later, you can just resubmit the order after they’ve paid, or always make them pay before you ship. That’s if you would do online shopping. If you want to do physical shopping, you could electronically send them the receipt and have them pay before you ship it to them. You could also offer wrapping services for a fee and then direct ship to the recipient.
        I guess I would definitely start with research and see if there’s a viable market for that service. Have some fun with it!

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  1. I had to laugh at sending a potato, so funny! You are a very giving, caring person, wonderful, I like the purple hair! I’m basically bald at 60, maybe I should go purple haha!


  2. So weirdly wonderful!! A potato gift sounds perfect!! My sis, for my 60th, coincidentally! said she didn’t know if I’d like my bd present, cuz it’s weird. Well, duh, I’m weird too! 😉 I asked if it was purple, duh!! She is just as much a purple freak as you and I! Of course it was purple! I said, “Then, I’ll love it!” You’ll never guess! It was a purple nightlight, to put in your toilet!! I can not WAIT to get it done!!
    Purple hair is on the agenda, next month, after payday, and a hair cut. Your’s looks great! Again!!


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