6 thoughts on “Eating, Sleeping, Selling & Buying

  1. Can you find glass to fit the frame as-is, and remove the slatted glass? I know how those dang things leak. A stacking washer/drier should fit your space but they may be more costly.

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  2. Oh yeah, I’m in the bored eating section of the gallery. 😦 Emotional eating?? Check
    I was going to say, plexiglass, but those wouldn’t open either. Everytime I’ve had slats, I’ve hated them! Except the one time I locked myself out of the house! I was really skinny then, removed 4 or 5, bingo! I was back inside!
    I’m so happy you have money now!! What a relief! I remember when you didn’t, what struggles you had. Yay now!!

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