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Found Zorro, Etc..

Zorro is up for adoption. Finally, the organization has him on the web site. They lied about the circumstances though by saying he was let go due to Covid. I think Covid is getting blamed for everything. Next time I have a Migraine, maybe I should blame Covid. Wait, that wasn’t funny. Headaches are a symptom.

Have you ever used Wish or Tophatter or similar apps to shop? I have noticed Wish has been upping their prices without warning. And, their Return Policy sucks, too. Two things I received were not what I ordered and C. is out like $50. for something she ordered that never arrived.

I really need to stick to more US based companies.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

9 thoughts on “Found Zorro, Etc..

  1. I am glad the pet is available for adoption! Adopt, don’t shop is the buzzword thing these days, but it’s so very correct. Please, avoid these online crookeries, and buy local. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻

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  2. Oh my, poor Covid! Being bla,med for everything! Well, half the stuff is, so it shouldn’t complain!! Has she tried contacting them? That’s awful. My bank refunded me money from a Chinese com. that never delivered. Really trying to buy Chinese anymore!!


    1. Wait, Who tried contacting who? J. doesn’t seem to care about Zorro anymore and hasn’t asked about him. Hey, if that’s what gets him adopted, so be it. At least they didn’t change his name like the organization that took her cats.

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