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Self Friends

Would you be friends with yourself? Have you ever tried to see yourself from anothers perspective?

I am realizing now how much different I was in the past. I was critical and judgemental of others. I was also a Fixer, wanting to fix relationships and lifestyles that people didn’t want fixed or weren’t my business.

I don’t have a lot of friends, although, that is also because of my health. My first husband even left because I was “sick to much.”

I believe I have changed a lot, especially during this Pandemic. I have been getting closer to God and learning how he wants me to live. So to answer my own question, I would be friends with me. At least enough to check in and make sure I was okay, from time to time.

What about you? Would you be friends with yourself?


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6 thoughts on “Self Friends

  1. I believe that we must be our own best friend, especially if we live by ourselves and have few or no friends. If you aren’t OK with yourself, then you are in trouble. Perhaps your first husband never truly loved you, to leave you because of sickness? Those wedding vows are the real thing…


  2. I am glad you are not with your then husband anymore as it is in sickness and in health right – the vow? Not nice! I understand as I too get sick pretty often and I stay single because I know that no man will tolerate all my sickness. I am friends with me, myself and I. Good people are around us and it takes gut to trust and befriend. I am sure you will find good friends in due time. Live and let live and I am glad you are changing and becoming the new you. Take care, blessings and Garfield Hugs.


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