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It’s Complimentary

Every week, my friend at ConfusingMiddle gives us a prompt of sorts, and this week is Compliment. Technically, it was last weeks since the new prompt is tomorrow. But, I digress.

The other day, while grocery shopping, a gentlemen said, “I like your hair!”…I don’t because the color is coming out but am waiting til it’s warmer to update it because you have to use cold water to rinse it if you want the color to stay. Yes, I am aware that was a run-on sentence. Take a breath and deal with it…. During the same shopping trip, another gentlemen said, “That outfit looks really nice.” I was wearing black leggings with a silver stripe down one leg and a black shirt with a cat in the middle. Anyway, those Compliments from unknown people really made me smile.

I prefer compliments that are legit and not forced, and I am not afraid of giving them, either.


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11 thoughts on “It’s Complimentary

  1. WAsnt’ there a Compliment day this past week. This is great. It always feels good when a stranger compliments…:) Have a great day..

    PS we got some snow and we are getting sleet today.

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  2. Some men like hair like yours, including me. Your outfit sounds nice too, let’s see it. It always feels nice to give a compliment, more so these days! Accept that nice compliment and pass it along, it’s contagious! ❤️

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