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Bag Tree & Exercise

Strange things grow here in Las Vegas. A good example is; my Bag Tree

Look closely and you should see two hanging, plastic bags. One, at the upper mid left and the other on the lower right of the tree. Yes, I know the wind caused it, but I have to keep my sense of humor.

Also, I have a great home exercise routine you can do! Believe me, your muscles will feel it.

Pick up a piece of furniture or a heavy box and keep carrying it around and moving it from place to place. You can also vary the pieces and boxes..but be sure to do this for at least half hour at a time. If you really want to make it realistic, twist your foot or have a minor trip or fall, so your muscles feel that, as well.

Seriously, I am still sore from the weekend.


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10 thoughts on “Bag Tree & Exercise

  1. yeah I think I would find some other exercises. Although I do remember running up and down a lot of stairs while clearing out the house before moving…and it was tiring.


  2. I just realised that I did not receive your posts in my reader despite following you. Sigh! Your gravatar photo of your cat’s eyes and picture looks like Miffy’s. What breed of cat is it?


  3. Laughed when I saw this. I currently have a yellow store sack hanging in a tree also. It’s WAAAYYY to high to reach even with a ladder and it seems to be stuck there pretty good. Even some major wind didn’t knock it down.

    Hope you got your furniture arranged so you don’t have to repeat that exercise routine any time soon.


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