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Searching Tomorrow

Tomorrow will be spent searching for my Driver’s License. I seriously don’t know where it is and am going crazy…which isn’t helping. So, my plan tomorrow is to go a bit more methodical as well as, pray it shows up.

I am Not watching the Innaugeration tomorrow and really don’t care to discuss it, so forgive me in advance, if I choose to ignore those posts. I will seriously be happy if the topic of politics goes away.

My Migraine Patches arrived, today and I seriously hope they work like the reviews read. The company is VICI and they are made in the USA, Fountain Valley, CA, to be exact. They are called Mi-Grain, I believe, but they make other formulas for nerves, stress, sleep, PMS… They are all natural and I will definitely update you on if they work.

Lastly, we finished putting everything away from the Moving Sale. It’s a shame stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army are not doing pick-ups due to Covid. So much good stuff is going to be picked up by dumpster. I filled two bags to donate, since I have at least one of my own to go, also.


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