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Lost A Blog Followed

I usually take Sunday off from blogging but guess what happened?

As the title states, I had to stop Following a blog site.  Why?  Because I support President Trump! 

Apparently, the blog author and her Followers do not and you aren’t allowed to have a different political stance.  She outright told me if I was a “Trumpet” to “Go Away”!  This type of thing is why people cannot live harmoniously! 

It’s a flipping blog!  People come from all life paths to read it.  If you can’t even comment to strangers, how do they think we are all going to live peacefully in person? 

She got pissed after I informed her that technically and legally Biden is not our President until the 20th.  He is President-Elect.

  I still hold onto hope that anything can happen in the meantime…probably won’t..but, it can.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

6 thoughts on “Lost A Blog Followed

  1. Was this on your blog or hers? If it was on hers she didn’t have to be insulting she could have nicely asked you to leave. If it was on your blog did you tell her its your blog. Technically you are correct He is President elect.

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    1. Kind of funny that you would say that. I commented here on this blog, explaining why her comment on the other blog was misplaced. So … free speech isn’t a thing here either.


      1. Please stop posting here! I don’t want to debate things with you. In my view, it became political when she said all was done and we have a new President. I only corrected her to say Not til the 20th. He is President-Elect! I had Followed her for a bit because I liked her blog. You are only commenting due to the situation.


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