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Plant Story

I am feeling better today and have decided I don’t want to hear much more about politics for a bit. I am tired of stressing over what’s beyond my control.

This main post will cover a few memories regarding Houseplants. My blogger friend at Confusing Middle gives a different word or topic to post about every Wednesday. I highly recommend you check out the blog.

Anyway, Moving Forward:

I had a small plant that refused to die. I usually kill plants so it finally became my challenge. This plant fell off the balcony at least twice and ran out of water for a long time. Don’t remember what finally happened to it, but actually considered writing a book with that title.

The 2nd memory goes back to when I was a teenager/young adult. My parents went away and asked me to water the plants while they were gone. Now, my mother had fake plants right next to real ones. Needless to say, when they returned, one of them said to me “We really appreciate you watering the plants.” I said, “No problem.” and I believe the response was, “I guess not because Fake Plants Don’t Grow!”


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

6 thoughts on “Plant Story

  1. Yeah, news will drive you crazy!! Those are 2 funny stories!! My Granny used to give me plants. After I killed the “Really easy to grow” African violet, she got frustrated! She gave me a cactus, since I always underwatered, . I watered the cactus, and killed it! After that, she gave up, dear lady!

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      1. Burning red in cold.
        Camellias stopped me walking.
        To watch them awhile.

        That is the poem I wanted you to see is “AshiAkira’s Blog”. You might Google it for more of his nature insights.


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