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Creatively Homeless

Before I get into todays topic, I want to remind you that if your blog is a business or you don’t have a profile picture, I will delete you as a Follower.

The homeless population here in Vegas is pretty large. While, I won’t say it’s getting worse, they are in our faces more due to the police force breaking up their camps….which should not be allowed during Covid, but I digress..

While leaving the grocery store the other day, I had to laugh at a few of the signs. One said, “I hope you have a Happy New Year. Please help me to have one too.” But the 2nd one really caught my attention

” You don’t have to be a Baller to donate a dollar!”

I may start making my food bags to hand out my car windows again, as I saw someone else do.

God Bless You All.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

2 thoughts on “Creatively Homeless

  1. Good points. Two things – I was on Valley View this morning stopped at Charleston, a man who was most likely homeless and tripping on something, walked in front of the leading cars at the light and began dancing and shouting at them.

    I feel so bad for the many homeless in this city. Some are sleeping in the very dangerous concrete flood channels under overpasses. So sad. Also, bravo for deleting businesses and those without an About page from your blog. The businesses and obvious spam accounts on WP are out of control.

    I’ve been battling, removing them for a long time now. Some days like today, none have attempted to follow. Other days, there are up to as many as 20 that are removed. Imagine how much this will affect your actual Follower count. Keep on giving these idiots the boot.

    I’ve spoken to WP about this issue, they basically don’t give a rat’s bum about it…


  2. Funny signs! Not funny that the police tear down their camps. Ours have too. Exactly how do they think that helps??? At least with those they had somewhere to go!!
    Food bags are a great idea. I need to do that again too.

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