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This And That

I was going to title this Bad Start but no use dwelling on it.  3 days of Migraines is enough, though, so I pray that’s done for a bit.  I tried Hemp Oil but believe it made them worse.  I found some patches that might help, I may purchase soon. 

Speaking of purchasing, J. is putting her house up for sale and I am buying her cat tree for $50.  It’s beautiful and C. said she and J. paid almost $200.   It’s not really my color but it’s sturdy and the one I have now is falling apart.  Plus, the cats will love the soft carpeting.  

My heart still goes out to Princess who is still waiting to be adopted. They call her Princie Tazzy which is ridiculous..If you know anyone looking for a cat in the Las Vegas area, please pass the word. She is a good girl. Just a bit shy. She is a grey tabby, about 2.5 years old. FUPI (Forclosed Upon Pets) is the organization that took her.

While at the store the other day, a guy approached and started talking to me.  He is starting an Escort Service at $100. an hour and says he will do anything that isn’t illegal.  I took the card and threw it away after sharing it with friends.  All I could say to him was “Good Luck” and “I really don’t go anywhere to need an Escort.”  Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful job during a Pandemic?…Seriously.