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Guilty Timing

I woke up this morning thinking I hadn’t been on here in forever and feeling guilty, but it turns out, I posted 3 days ago.  I just hadn’t caught up with those I Follow in over a week.  So, I just did that.

  I made phone calls to over 30 members of church and had to do that in 3 days time. Plus, I’ve been watching Christmas movies…Surviving Christmas, The Snowman,A Charlie Brown Christmas, Pete The Cat Christmas, The Christmas Shoes and It’s A Wonderful Life; to be exact.  I’ve also been reaching out to friends and family. 

Yesterday, itself, was quiet.  I participated in a Zoom call with my BFF and her family, then watched part of our Christmas church service before developing a Christmas Migraine. Migraines don’t stop or pay attention to the Holidays.

Anyway, it’s the day after. Time to clean the house and prepare for the upcoming year. Didn’t decorate much so not a lot to put away.

It’s more the nitty, gritty basic cleaning I need to get back to.

Christmas is not necessarily about gifts but I need to share my favorite gift received. It came from L. who leads our Bible Study which we’ve titled Women-Of-Wisdom (WOW). She knew I needed a Study Bible and she went all out. I am so blessed!

Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas Day.

*If your gift hasn’t arrived from UPS, please have patience. My friend hasn’t received hers and it has been 14 days. I pray for the employees, at this very, busy, time.


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3 thoughts on “Guilty Timing

  1. I didn’t decorate much either. However a friend of mine gave me a red tree…will take a picture of it and show you. OF coure the beautiful door knocker too! 🙂

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  2. We didn’t decorate much either. Just cards up on the door, no tree. My daughter was in hospital with Covid and pneumonia, no babies, couldn’t be around anyone. But we did exchange presents, just the 2 of us!
    I like your crocheted decor.. Wow! (Pun intended!) L was such a blessing!!
    Oh no, not a migraine!
    Happy 2021!

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