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God Focused

For the last few months during this Pandemic, I have been focusing a lot more on God and what he wants of me. During this trying time, I am extremely thankful for my mobile home even though it’s not where I want to remain much longer.

I have also been seriously studying the book ‘Boundaries’

with my Bible Study group. I am learning so much about myself and how to understand and react to others. Our group leader even sent me the Workbook that goes with it!

I haven’t been called to any dating sites lately. It probably isn’t the best time to be meeting people anyway, what with having to stay home and my weak immune system. Plus, I am praying that God leads me to a Free, Christian one if that’s where/how I am supposed to meet someone.

Anyway, December has arrived and it is the month of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. I wish you all a very blessed December.


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