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I can’t believe tomorrow is New Year’s Eve! It seems to have snuck up super fast. And while, I should do the Obligatory end of year post covering things that I accomplished or didn’t and changes that took place or didn’t and resolutions that I am making, I’m not…I Don’t Want To.

Within the last year, nothing really changed…except my mindset. No trips to share, no people to have met or hung out with…the positives were getting reconnected with my sister and getting closer to God and stronger in my faith. No point in rehashing the past and as for the future? I hate to talk about politics but I think we are in for a rough ride. and I also think Mitch McConnell should be kicked out of office…but, that’s just my opinion. Not going further with it….

I have a Zoom meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon and I think they did decide to have fireworks downtown which I can watch from my window if I really care to.

I wish you all a safe New Year’s Eve, however you celebrate!

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Movie Review…The Juror

Today I watched an old movie with Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore titled The Juror….I keep wanting to write the name Ben Affleck instead of Alec Baldwin. but, that’s just me and I digress….Anyway, this was an old movie.. J. mainly has old movies and I have to watch one more that I borrowed before she packs them up….Anyway, I did not like this one. The back of the box made it sound chilling and a bit suspenseful but the suspense was at a minimum.

A woman on a jury of a murder trial gets her and her sons life threatened if she doesn’t convince the jury to set the accused free. The one who is threatening…well, I won’t say anymore just in case.

Just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t.

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Scary Night

Last night, a helicopter or two were flying around shining their lights in my windows and lighting up the cul-de-sac. This went on for over half hour. It was totally freaky and I couldn’t find anything out about the reason for it. Needless to say, I had a rough time going to sleep but I finally did; and slept til 10:58 a.m!

I think part of sleeping so long is my new mattress. J. was getting rid of a mattress which has barely been used and mine had seen better days. I wasn’t sure I would like it what with its level of firmness, but, I have been sleeping solid so….

I would say Christmas is over but it doesn’t feel like it when gifts continue to arrive. Plus, the Stimulus Check has been approved so that can be considered a gift, in a way.

*That’s all I am saying on that as, not getting into politics.

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Guilty Timing

I woke up this morning thinking I hadn’t been on here in forever and feeling guilty, but it turns out, I posted 3 days ago.  I just hadn’t caught up with those I Follow in over a week.  So, I just did that.

  I made phone calls to over 30 members of church and had to do that in 3 days time. Plus, I’ve been watching Christmas movies…Surviving Christmas, The Snowman,A Charlie Brown Christmas, Pete The Cat Christmas, The Christmas Shoes and It’s A Wonderful Life; to be exact.  I’ve also been reaching out to friends and family. 

Yesterday, itself, was quiet.  I participated in a Zoom call with my BFF and her family, then watched part of our Christmas church service before developing a Christmas Migraine. Migraines don’t stop or pay attention to the Holidays.

Anyway, it’s the day after. Time to clean the house and prepare for the upcoming year. Didn’t decorate much so not a lot to put away.

It’s more the nitty, gritty basic cleaning I need to get back to.

Christmas is not necessarily about gifts but I need to share my favorite gift received. It came from L. who leads our Bible Study which we’ve titled Women-Of-Wisdom (WOW). She knew I needed a Study Bible and she went all out. I am so blessed!

Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas Day.

*If your gift hasn’t arrived from UPS, please have patience. My friend hasn’t received hers and it has been 14 days. I pray for the employees, at this very, busy, time.

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My True Love & Why It Ended

My True Love had money but, he was quite eccentric and a terrible gift giver.  Let me explain:

On the first day of Christmas, my True Love gave to me..A Partridge In A Pear Tree.  Now, I don’t eat pears and know nothing about these birds.  Since. he neglected to get a cage, the bird will have to stay in the tree.

The 2nd day, he gave me 2 Turtle Doves.  Now, these are sweet, cooing type birds but once again he forgot a cage so I hope they eat pears, too.

The 3rd day, he brought Three French Hens.  They were walking around clucking and pecking at everything!

The 4th day, he gave me Four Calling Birds. Oh, they call all right. It sounds like the whole tree is making a racket.

The 5th Day, he gave me 5 Golden Rings. Gold is nice and all, but I told him I might have to cash those in to get bird seed and cages.

The 6th day, he came home with Six Geese a Laying and Laying they are! The eggs are huge and we were collecting a lot. When they weren’t laying, they were simply laying underfoot.

The 7th day, I received 7 Swans A Swimming. The problem? We didn’t have a pond. So much for bathing for a bit. It’s small so they couldn’t swim very much.

The 8th day came around and he brought home 7 Maids A Milking. Well, he said they’d been milking. I told him I needed them to clean. We have nothing to milk, here.

The 9th day, he came home with Nine Ladies Dancing. We didn’t even have music playing. I told them to go outside and dance for the birds.

The 10th day, my True Love brought home 10 Lords A Leaping. What the heck? They were banned outside with the birds and the weird dancing ladies.

The 11th day, he came home with 11 Pipers Piping. Was that supposed to be romantic? I am a Migraine Sufferer. Outside they go with the other noise makers.

Finally, it’s the 12th day of Christmas, but alas, no peace for me. He came home with 12 Drummers Drumming!

Needless to say, I ended up with one Head A Throbbing, One Divorce Impending and 12 Policemen Arresting due to noise violations and Covid19 Crowd Violations.

When I left, I kept the Turtle Doves and The Golden Rings.

Merry Christmas!

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Pet Empathy & Friends With Boundaries

Tazzy, the neighbors black and white cat, has already been adopted! But, it just kills me knowing Princess is in a cage..I don’t care if they call it a Cat Condo. Can you imagine suddenly being pushed out of your house and family to a stranger, then have a physical, before being put in some place in your own room with bars on the doors and people coming by debating on if they want you? Yeah, I’s a bit like a Foster home..but, animals don’t understand and it’s killing me. Seriously, I want to cry for Princess and am praying she gets adopted really soon.

In other news, my BFF called and she has the same ‘Boundaries’ book I keep talking about. She is excited to read it so we can discuss it. Plus, I gave a copy to another friend for Christmas to help her with some issues. This book has been a life-changer for me and has even helped to lessen my Migraines.

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UnHealth & Sad Stuff

Been having some health issues and a bit concerned. Possible kidney infection due to weird symptoms so went for labs Friday morning. It’s been almost 14 years since my Transplant and I am praying it is a minor infection, if that, verses rejection. Infection can be treated with medication modification while rejection could mean dialysis and another transplant. Prayers Please.

Then after labs, I visited J. while the cats were picked up from the rescue organization. So sad. Princess was terrified and didn’t want to get in the carrier. We chased her for like an hour to grab her. Then I found out the last time J picked her up was to spank her so she probably thought she was in trouble.

The girl that picked them up was really rude, too. But in good news, both cats are now at Petsmart waiting to be adopted and being listed as bonded so they go together.

This is Tazzy.

What’s stupid though is the organization is calling Tazzy..Alexey and Princess..Tazzy. I sent them an anonymous email asking them to please change Princesses name as she has to be confused enough. She doesn’t need more stress by being called the name of her brother.

The organization itself is pretty good, though…as, I think that’s the same organization we adopted Puma from. It’s called Foreclosed Upon Pets.

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Boundary Understanding

I have mentioned before that we are studying ‘Boundaries’ in my Bible Study.  It is really giving me new perspectives and understanding in dealing with situations that used to really upset me. 

Today’s Example: 

My BFF in Virginia and I both love Jeff Dunham.  A few weeks ago, we discovered through one of his videos that he was inviting his viewers to participate in a sing-along on video with him and Achmed.  Viewers were invited to submit their videos and Jeff is going to put together a compilation.  Well, both BFF and I forgot about this..until today.  BFF sent me a text that she and her daughter submitted their video.  When I called and asked her for the link, she snapped at me, saying, “I don’t know.  M. did it.  She’s busy right now. You can look it up.”  I could have snapped back; but, I didn’t.

I remembered how she used to be so competitive with me when growing up and realized that she doesn’t want me submitting a video and being in competition with her. For whatever reason, it’s on her.

So, I looked up the information. I was unable to submit a video through my phone and when I called BFF back to ask a question, she apologized for snapping.

I still share this with you to get it out of my system but am proud of myself for not escalating stupid situations anymore.

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Santa Delivered

Last year was my first year doing Reddit Secret Santa and I was a bit disappointed because the gift I received was completely random and nothing I was into or wanted. It was like the person just looked at the website for Uncommon Goods and picked the first $20. item.

Fast forward to this year:

Once again, I gave my Santa quite a few options of my interests. They sent me a message that something was coming and apologized for not finding it in Purple. After waiting impatiently for two days, it arrived!

Sushi Cookbook & Sushi Kit

So excited to learn how to make Sushi!

And so thankful to the stranger who followed the Secret Santa rules and sent a thoughtful gift.

Will definitely be taking part and encouraging others to take part in the Reddit Secret Santa Exchange for years to come!

*Reddit has other exchanges throughout the year, but, this is the main event.

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I know I haven’t blogged every day minus Sunday like I should but right now I am seriously Obsessed over Reddit Secret Santa and I hate to drive you all crazy.

My guy got the first part of his gift the other day and I received a message last night that mine is in the mail! They actually tried this time and read my form even apologizing for whatever it is not being Purple.

I am living vicariously through the Gallery as people post the gifts received. It’s amazing what strangers are sending other strangers!

Plus, I have two friends involved this time so we’ve been on the phone for hours comparing and helping each other with our Matches and sharing gifts received. My BFF received expensive Chocolate for her, gluten-free and healthy dog treats for her dog, and a shirt is on the way! We did some research and the guy who had her is in Michigan.

Anyway, will try to post more often and discuss other topics.

Please pass if I go on and on. I won’t cry…to much.