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Research Help

I’ve done it! I have started writing a book. It’s a children’s/teenage book about Heaven and what it could look like. So, for research purposes I need your thoughts:

If Heaven is the best thing you can imagine, what will your Heaven look like? And, will I be able to quote you Anonymously in the book?

I have been praying over this and I really do hope it turns out.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

2 thoughts on “Research Help

  1. So wonderful1!! How exciting that you’re writing a book!! Of course you may quote me! By PurpleSlob even, if you want!
    Heaven is the best life you can ever imagine. We know we eat, because of the marriage supper of the Lamb, so I want my Granny’s real banana pudding every night for dessert. Flan for dessert every lunch. We know animals live peacably side by side, because the lion lays by the Lamb. So I want my Emily back. The only dog I’ve ever loved.
    We have mansions, so I want mine purple. And right beside my Mama, my sister, and my college bestie. I know that’s more than 2 sides, but across the street works.
    Soaking in the presence of Jesus will be like breathing the purest air ever. God is the light, and that will be the perfect warmth, and temperature. WAlking on streets of pure gold will feel so smooth, and comfortable to out feet.
    Knowing all the past people will be so cool. “Hi Moses! How did you manage to make it in the desert for 40 years??!!”
    Every day will be more perfect than our best day ever here on earth!

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