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No Christmas Stress

I know, I know…It isn’t even Thanksgiving and here I am going on and on about Christmas. I can’t help it. It really is my favorite time of the year!

Presents or cards have been mailed except to my BFF’s family, as I wait for my next paycheck….Okay, Disability Check if you really want to get technical. Everything else is wrapped for local friends. I can think of one more person to get for, but that will have to wait, also. I don’t start decorating until after Thanksgiving….See, I really do keep the Holidays separate; but now I don’t have to stress.

Do you stress over Holidays or do you get things done early? Has Christmas become an obligation? Please don’t let it get to that. If you’re a Christian, please remember the true meaning of Christmas as the birth of Christ, and if you’re not, think of it as a time to be extra friendly and nice to others.

While Christmas is more about time then gifts, it’s hard to spend time with others while being quarantined. Maybe a Zoom call or a phone call or even a note just to keep in touch.

Not sure how to end this early Christmas themed post. So:

Merry Early Christmas, My Friends.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

3 thoughts on “No Christmas Stress

  1. I never decorate for any holiday, just don’t want the work. The ex always had to though, I found this annoying, call me Scrooge! I have no idea why I seem to be unfollowing you. Best guess is that WordPress is the culprit…


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