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My friend over at posts a word or thought every Sunday for people to elaborate on, and this week is the word RED. The Confusing Middle is very fun and creative. I suggest you check it out. On that note:

My last cat prior to the group I have now, was an orange tabby, female. I knew I wanted one because they are rare. She came to me while I was working at a Humane Society..but that’s another story.

I don’t like common names and I knew I wanted Fire to be part of her name. I wanted to name her Wildfire but my ex-husband said no more song names….A previous cat was named Tesla after the group, but whatever.. Anyway, my ex-husband came up with the name of Firepie. I actually liked the way it sounded so that is her name. My ex-husband told me some story about a guy he knew in school with bright, red hair and everybody called him, Firepie. Unfortunately, I later discovered that the word Firepie has nasty sexual connotations describing a woman’s vagina while on her period, which my ex-husband probably knew.

Doesn’t matter. Firepie is doing well with her adopted mom who calls her Kitty.

Oh, and in case you missed the connections. Most people think of fire with the word Red, the guy in my ex’s story had Red hair and I don’t even need to clarify the Period angle.


Blog is true. Names are fictional.

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