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I Want To Vent, And Yet..

So, the Election is over.  Or is it?  Per the Electoral College, it is.  Yet, votes are still being counted…and recounted.  So, was this like 4 years ago where one candidate got the Popular Vote and the other got the Electoral Vote?  The Electoral College is useless now.  Maybe it made sense when it was first introduced but it needs to go away.  How are we supposed to believe every vote matters when a winner is called and the counting hasn’t stopped yet.  How can the Electoral College cast their votes if their entire district is not accounted for?  And more importantly; why did this Election hit me so hard?  I feel depressed now; as if I want to cry.

  If we get through the next 4 years, I hope President Trump runs again.  Yes, he might have a big mouth and say a few things he shouldn’t.  But, in my opinion, the man is tough and gets the job done. 

*This was my opinion and I refuse to argue, here.  You have a right to your opinion if polite and tactful.  However, this will not turn into a political argument.

  I will add one final thing, though.  Although, I may not like it.  You will not hear me use the term “Not My President” after Mr. Biden takes office.  I don’t have to agree but I have to accept.  That’s the American way.

In other news, rain is finally on the way…I hope. It was windy and cloudy today and they say we should get rain by tomorrow night. We need it.