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No Politics

I don’t want to talk about the Election except to say I don’t believe it’s over nor will be completely decided for a while.

I had something good happen today and finally received my portion of some Unclaimed Funds my mother had in some accounts. Let me go back:

A friend informed me a few years ago that there were Unclaimed Funds in my mother’s name (who is deceased) on a government website. I tracked it to some old Life Insurance Policies and forwarded the info to my brother who had Financial Power-of-Attorney. I let it go however kept checking with my brother who my sisters and I believe never followed up. My sister discovered the money still Unclaimed. After getting the paperwork from the State Controller and keeping it in my drawer for like ever, I finally got all the information and mailed the packet off last February. I am thankful that the Controller cut us separate checks and did not send me the entire lump sum to divvy out. Anyway, it isn’t much but it’s enough to stop stressing about my prescription refills so I can take them correctly, again.